Dec 29, 2013

Live Life To The Fullest

Where's the line between living and dying? They say we start to die the moment we leave our mother's womb. So if that's the case...when is the moment we start living? Truly we aren't really living when we're infants? When we can't control what happens to us on a day-to-day basis? Actions and decisions controlled by our guardians, with the "thought" that what THEY are doing is in the best interest for us? No. That can't be when we begin to truly live.

So When?

Why do people go through their whole lives feeling as if they have never lived? Never really getting to feel what life can truly offer. What it feels like to experience fear, love, and excitement. All those feelings that create the things we remember forever. Memories. People go through the 24 hours a day gives us so often and never realize that these are precious moments and memories that we will never get again. Wasted time that ultimately will not sustain a permanent place in our brains that will cause us to look back and say, "...remember that time?"

I really believe that fear is one of the main factors of us not being able to truly enjoy this thing we call life. God only gives us one shot at this thing and although many people laugh at Drake and his "Motto", it really is something that we should incorporate into our lives. Now of course in no way am I insinuating that we go out here and try and kill ourselves with the thought that there is no tomorrow. Or try and live so recklessly and carefree that we forget to perserve our lives to the best of our abilities....No, of course not. I love my life too much, jail and being shot are not in my immediate life plans. But at the same times you should never look up and feel regret. As long as we have air in our bodies we have any opportunity to make a memory and make a change to our lives. 

The biggest thing we must do is live life and have no regrets. We don't have the answers to this life puzzle. Anybody who says otherwise is LYING! You only have one shot at this thing and you don't wanna look back at your one shot and think, 

"If I could do it all over again..."

I'm sure we all know somebody who's uttered those words. But as long as your have breathe in those lungs you still have opportunity!

......more random thoughts to come.

Apr 9, 2012

Everyone Needs A 'Real' Friend

Okay so this blog is NOT about finding a good "best" friend, or how to tell the difference between a true friend and someone who's around you for something you have. This is NOT what this blog is about, honestly by now if you can't figure those things out then you have some other issues and my blog (well not this post) will not help you. This post came about through a conversation I was having with a friend. We were talking about relationships, and how different people think and react to situations. It wasn't a ground breaking conversation and I really wasn't super enlightened, but I did gain valuable insight. Insight I could gain only from a female.

I personally feel like every person should have a friend of the opposite sex, a TRUE friend. Meaning,
(1.) You can't have an underlining motive with that person: (2.) You can't have EVER dated that person, and (3.) You honestly have to be able to say to yourself: "If we both were drunk, together:
-Would I make a move??
-Would she?? Or
-Would we just chill laugh and pass out together??"

If you answer yes to any of those questions BESIDES the last one...then that person don't fit the bill.

So you have a friend that falls into that category then they definitely should be used (Not used like "use and abuse" but like how you use a teacher. Like to learn and gain valuable insight from lol).

If you have a friend of the opposite sex
(*critical* THAT WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU *critical*) then you have a great opportunity. Now you would think that I wouldn't have to emphasis the honesty part because we all "should" want honest friends in our life, but that definitely isn't true. Sometimes people have fluff friends...good intentions, big hearts, but only see the positive side to every situation. Those are the friends that always start a statement off with, "Well maybe..."

-"Well maybe that wasn't him in the movies last night sitting with that girl."
-"Well. Maybe she not answering the phone cuz she lost it in the club son?"
-"Well maybe somebody found your wallet last week and they're still going to call you to get it."

...that's NOT what you need. You need a friend that will keep it real with you, one that will tell you all things that you really DIDN'T really want to hear. That friend that will tell you that the female you been soo excited to hang out with this weekend just walked out of the neighbors apartment at 2 in the morning and says, "Well Maybe you shouldn't talk to her anymore because she looks like she has all the attention she needs!"

Now granted a friend of the opposite sex can open up doors to unexplained phenomenon...Thoughts and actions you could never rationalize before, give you all tips and tricks. But the real challenge in this whole thing is finding someone who fits those descriptions of what a friend of the opposite sex "should" because honestly not too many of them exist....

Why So Serious?!

Welcome Back Self

Been way too long since I've posted. I honestly don't even know where to start. So many things have happened to me. Found love, lost love. Gained friends, rekinlded friendships. Been sheltered, homeless, and found house I can call a home, all in this time. I have learned soo many things, experienced many things and raised A LOT questions. I finally have some time to put my thoughts down and I have a lot to say. I'll be posting pictures of my new residence soon. I may even do a picture timeline of the progression of my house...and hopefully the end of the timeline doesn't have my house looking like the one on that Project X movie.

*turns up* Sam Cooke- "A change is Gonna Come"

Why So Serious?!

Jul 13, 2011

Women Are Always Right?!

Women are always right.....The sooner we as men accept this, the better off we will be in the long run. I promise.

No matter the situation, time, or woman....we're always wrong.

Now when I say this I hope you all don't actually think that I believe that females are in fact 100% right about everything. Wrong....Dead Wrong. I rarely think females are right about most things (Outside of things concerning their own bodies. You all can have that one....MOST times) but that doesn't mean when I get into any type of battle with a female I don't use the old adage: "Know when to Hold them, and when to Fold them." Learn this and you can live a stress-FREE life. Next time you in a debate (We're all adults here, we don't argue anymore right?...) with a female and ya'll are going back and forth, blow for blow, point counter-point...all that jazz. Stop in the middle of the conversation and say: "You know what? You're right. I'm wrong. I apologize." Now you're going to have to be able to say this convincingly because those few words can be quickly taken as you being facetious. That will quickly back-fire on you. You have to sell these words. She has to feel like she won and that you are actually admitting that you are wrong. If you can pull this off then the rest of your day will go smooth. 

Now if you take that same situation with you and your lady friend. Back and forth debate (Because we don't argue right? Adults here) and you tell her she is dead wrong. Tell her that she couldn't be more wrong about the situation and even go as far as to pull up factual evidence to further prove how wrong she is, a whole different situation will occur. You'll be feeling good about yourself and she'll be just sitting there. Silent. Nodding her head in an angry defeat. Why did you have to prove her right? Now for the rest of the day she's salty about that one conversation that you all had HOURS ago. You probably don't even remember the conversation or even the fact that you Wikipedia'd her and threw the evidence in her face as you grinned and did your happy dance. You don't remember any of that....but she does. She's still thinking about it. Trying to figure out how she can still prove you wrong. Thinking about how Wikipedia isn't a credible site, thinking...plotting...For. The. Rest. Of. The. Night. Now granted you can be right all you want to...but at what cost??

Now again I'm not trying to imply that women are always right, that would just be retarded. I'm just trying to say that at the end of the day do you want a Happy woman or a Mad woman. Because no matter what you end up deciding.....You Lose. Now do you lose the discussion? Or do you lose out on that intimacy you might have gotten later on that night.

....You choose

Why So Serious?!

May 9, 2011

WTH is "Talking"?!

Yea so straight to the point with this blog. WTH is "talking?!" This has become an increasingly popular term with my generation and is used so frequently and loosely that personally, I have NO idea what the term even means anymore. There seems to be like 3 relationship levels (maybe even 4) that my generation currently lives by: Marriage, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and "Talking". Everyone pretty much has a clear understanding of what the 1st two are defined as. Marriage = To death do you part...BF/GF = til I get tired of you, then we part. So what does this "talking" phase 'equal'??

I believe some would classify "talking" as the BEFORE stages of the BF/GF level. But when does it start and what does it really entail?! If "talking" was classified as two people saying: "Hey I like you, you like me....Let's see where this is going. Be it: Sex buddies, Future Relationship, Time-filler. Whatever." A lot of issues would probably be resolved.

I've heard that "talking" is the understanding between two people that they are in the stage of "courting" each other. Is that true? Maybe I don't know, but I DO know you are NOT talking to someone when you 1st get their number, can't be possible...unrealistic. I have personally seen a girl give her number to 4 different dudes while in the club, and that's just in the span of one night. Personally. It's not until you develop a consistent pursuance of someone, and its reciprocated, are you'll then considered to be "talking".

Basically make sure it's known AND the feelings are returned. It's confusing if you go around saying, "Yea we used to talk. Yea we're talking now," and the other person barely knows who you even are. Let's create a about in order to be able to say that you and "talking" to someone you have to communicate with them for at least 2 weeks and "chill" or go on at least 1 date? Is that fair?? Maybe not but someone needs to create a clear definition and tell me because it's still confusing trying to figure our WTH "talking" is!

-"Why So Serious?!"

Apr 16, 2011

Signs of a 'Choose'

I was going to write a post about how to know or how to figure out the signs of a woman when you first interact. But then I thought: .....Females are way too complicated and secretive for that. Most females don't want you to really know their signs anyways because they want it to be some mystery or struggle. Point Blank, most females just want a guy to come up and approach them. (But if it where that easy then most guys would just feel free to walk up to any female and ask them for everything!...and I mean everything lol.) As a guy you have to know going in....she might play the crap outta me right here.... instead I chose to speak about something that I understand a little more. Signs that a GUY will read from a woman to know he's being chosen. Granted, there are times when females might do these things and honestly might not be interested in the dude at all. But to that I say: Stop doing these things and I promise you'll have less guy confusion in your life.

1. The Double Take "Choose". So you chilling with your boys. You'll are out a lil lounge spot, laughing, joking having a good time. A bad woman walks by and you'll make eye contact. You smile, she smiles, innocent interaction. But if she breaks eye contact and tries to take a secret second look....she chose. Never let a guy see the double take because we automatically put that in the "choose" category.

2. Extended Dance "Choose". So you're in the club dancing with a female to one of your favorite songs. After a songs or two normally the routine is you separate, you go about your way and you enjoy the rest of your night. Sometimes you have those situations where a normal dance turns into a marathon of slow grinding, reggae twirking, and line-dance two-stepping and when that happens....she 'choose'. Personally if I see a girl dance with a guy for more than 3 songs I assume she's "interested" in that guy.

3. " time" "Choose". This "choose" is basically when you're conversing with a female, casual converstation, friendly converstation. In the midst of the conversation she mentions a future interaction between you'll. "Yea so next time you should do this, or we can do this." Instantly she's letting you know she wants. If a female that has never met you or had a real conversation with is already planning future events with    you.....yea she wants you.

-"Why So Serious?!"

Apr 2, 2011

What is a 'Hoe'?!

This post is inspired by the thoughts, conversations, and experiences of me and my line brothers. Probably some of the realest group of individuals I've ever met in my life (Yea I said it). Anyways in the midst of one of my conversations wit tha LB's we entered an epic debate about....women. Surprised? I didn't think so. Anyways there is huge misnomer about women and the definition of a 'hoe'. What is a hoe? Can we call women hoes? Should we label women 'hoes' if deemed appropriate?

Most of my generation has deemed a 'hoe' as a person that has a large number of sexual partners. "Oh she said she had sex wit ____ people?!" "Yea she's a hoe man." Personally I don't believe that is what makes up a 'hoe'. Granted I definitely wouldn't talk to a girl with triple digits or as many partners as there are states in America, but a 'hoe' is not solely determined by a number.
A hoe is someone who has no regards for who she's having a sex with. She could only have ever had five sexual partners and out of those five, three of them were friends or in the same clique....she could be considered a hoe. If she had sex with roommates, she most likely is a hoe. If every dude she has sex with is in a relationship, that she's aware of, then she's hoe. Point Blank.
Pretty much anything else is people's personal standards of the opposite sex.

And for any females reading this post. Being a hoe is just a state of mind, you can be reformed it just takes some time! You can make it! and no there is no double standard on a guy vs. a girl being a 'hoe'. The only difference is that men accept being called a hoe. Some dudes actually relish the term. Now there is a double standard on the social acceptance of a guy being a hoe, BUT that doesn't change the fact that the term fits. *shrugs* not fair but true.

Why So Serious?!